A Brand New Musical Featuring Ruyonga and Karen K Set To Hit Kampala

“NO I DIDN’T.” Yes I did. I just wonder what it is you say that I did. Sorry, what was I writing about again? Yes. A brand new musical set to hit Kampala by storm. Not by stone, by storm.

It has just come to our inquisitive ears and eyes that Kenneth Kimuli and Karen Kimuli have co-written an epic musical show. 

The show which will include a cast of Karen herself, Ugandan rapper Edwin Ruyonga a.k.a. Ruyonga, Watoto Church’s Della Kalanzi, (who you will remember from 2012 Cantata and music ministry at the church), Eva Tumwesigye, Sam T. Muhumuza, Sam T. Lutaya, Gloria Bayan, Anthony Wanda, Joan B. k, Ester G.N, Peter Muhire and JB Kyabaggu.

This musical which is set for showcasing on this 28th July at National Theatre will redefine music as interpreted by a host of Uganda’s cream de la cream. I imagine Pablo will advise you to use whatever means including a wheel barrow or just fly on the wings of a house fly (hoping it does not bite) but make it to the show.  

More details to follow. We will be sure to remind you. 

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