A Public Announcement By Edwin Ruyonga

Hello everyone. I greet you all in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. 

I’d like to take this time to address something that many around me may or may not have heard. I and the lady I am very much in love with are having a baby. I and the lady I am very much in love with are getting married. These events have not happened in the right and proper order.

I am sorry to the fans and those who are and will be disappointed in our actions, and rightly so. I am however not sorry that we are having a baby. I am not sorry about who I am having the baby with. I am only sorry that we did not wait and do it at the right and appropriate time. There is no excuse for that.

After a lengthy time of prayer and consultation with the people close to me and my ministry; I have also decided that I will be toning down on active involvement on the music platform as an artiste for a season as I take time to re-evaluate, re-calibrate and re-connect with who I am as an artiste, a Christian and a minister.

As me, my girl and my family undergo and prepare for the forthcoming introduction and the forthcoming blessing and addition to the family; I simply request that our privacy be respected. This is a very delicate time for my lady and the gift she is carrying, which is exactly what the baby is, and they need all the love and support they could possibly get. That is my priority and most important for me.

I ask that you remember to cover me/us in your prayers. God Bless.



PUBLISHER’S NOTE: We hope that you will love, support and pray for Ruyonga.

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