Dafari 100% Album Review

Dafari’s 100% Album is indeed one hundred percent anointed, one hundred percent Jesus, and one hundred percent Gospel. Dafari Daf projects with great ease-through multiple genres-the voice of the evangelist; the soul winner. He makes it easy to see that all there is in his music and lyrics are Jesus, and the gift of salvation-Eternal life with the Father being the number one focus. 

He flexibly slides through from Reggae (Roots and Africa), to Dancehall, to African Beat; and makes a good impression in the Socca genre with a well-rehearsed voice. Dafari Daf communicates spontanaeity with Scripture!  Attributes of Zero-compromise, determination, boldness, are plainly visible in his entire delivery. Dafari tells you to put on your identity of a Victor, NOT a Victim. In case you forgot that, through Free he reminds you of the liberating power in Christ, to overcome snakes, and scorpions, exclaiming, ‘fire inna tongue me speak demon fire blaze dem ah scour’! 

He takes a firm stand against the social evils and immorality, in Claim De Dancehall. It gets heart softening to listen to Dafari the intercessor pleads for preservation of life, through  the The In Thing. And you inevitably jump up when he turns the praise knob on, in tracks like African BeatDavid Dancehall and Anoint Me. The African touch is deliberate, with the Afro beats and strings well placed throughout (Big God)Perfect Wife brings out his ‘romantic side of things’ expressing not only a genuine desire to find the God-ordained spouse, but also a message about purity–presented without mincing words!

Deeper is a song that communicates the person of ‘man after God’s own heart’; with a desire to know God more intimately. The track has bits of comical delivery and lots of imagery and graphical connotations, like, ‘transmit Jesus’ power like shshshhhhhh’. 

Follow @Jesus opens with tongue-twisting in old-school ragga genre; through the groovy beat, he continues to exhort believers to follow no man else, except Jesus Himself. The sandwich approach was creatively employed; clear message of discipleship to Christ, embedded between layers of tongue-twisting. What better way to speak the language of a contemporary youth! 

Free is a track off the ‘God Time Riddim’; which talks about the absolute freedom in Receiving, and walking with Jesus and themes of devotion, deliverance, and celebration of life in Christ, are clearly shared throughout the verses of this brief short-length song off the God Time Riddim.

Claim Di Dancehall talks about how we take back what belongs to us and the Kingdom of God. He also talks of how we should use music to exalt our Creator. He pushes for Kingdom Business themes in our performing arts. He delivers the same message with different style in the song Hail Jesus, Jesus everywhere you go, in everything you do.

Unstoppable, a collaboration he did with Pst. Samukat is a profession of the indomitable, victory bound, identity that we possess as believers in Christ.

We lift Jesus higher than the Kenyan Airways, Jesus is the agenda, 100percent Jesus is the first, continuing, and conclusive punctuations of the album.

In conclusion, Dafari’s 100% album is the Evangelist’s tool, the singleton’s proposal kit, the warrior’s victory notebook, the leader’s package of wise counsel and the contemporary believer’s companion voice; if they won’t hear you, they won’t refuse to listen to Daf. 



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