Derek Minor – Minorville Tracklisting

Cosigned onto Reach Records, the Reflection Music Group CEO, Derek Minor is back with his 3rd studio album, Minorville. The critically acclaimed album’s tracklisting and album art is here. Can you wait?


1. Lost In Minorville

2. IGWT (feat. Thi’sl)

3. Gimmie

4. We Gone Make It (feat. Canton Jones)

5. Ready, Set, Go

6. Hot Air Balloon (feat. Kiya Lacy)

7. We Are (Champions) (feat. SPZRKT)

8. Love You Better (feat. JC)

9. Respect That (feat. RMG)

10. Making Me More (feat. Mel Washington)

11. Sweet Dreams

12. Dear Mr. Christian, (feat. Dee-1 & Lecrae)

13. Heaven’s Little Runaway

14. Homecoming

15. Deaf (Bonus)

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