Exclusive Interview With Allan Kutos

1. Who is Allan kutos?

Allan kutos is first of all a born again Christian, comes from a family of 14 children, just finished his Bachelor in Arts at Makerere University and graduates in January 2014, humble and hard work is his theme.

2. When did you start doing music?

I loved music since my childhood, I used to mime songs in church but seriously starting recording music in my S.4 vacation (2007) in a group called Tsunami. Since then the love for music grew deeper inside of me.

3. Your a dancer with TMS and now a muscian, which other talent do you have?

Am so open to challenges and love being active all the time. I act, model and a sportsman too.

4. You come from a musical family, tell us about that and how it has helped you?

My family is a house of talent, looking at my big brother Michael Ross from childhood how he struggled to get where he is really and how determined he was, really inspired me a lot and pushed me to develop the music side of me to bear fruit too like it did for him. My mother also used to sing in the church choir in her youth so I believed we got those genes from her. And about dancing my father can groove to any music, guess you can tell how dance caught up with me. 

About TMS, I met them in 2008. By then I had fallen out of ministry but they inspired me to doing it again, that was at St. Lawrence then since then I have never looked back.

5. Which gospel artistes inspire you to do Music, International and Local?

Internationally, Pompi and Mag44 really have good music, they have anointing that I really crave for to be in my music.

Locally, Richy’s music inspired me from the day my ears heard his music. His voice is really up there.

6. What’s your vision as a gospel artiste?

My vision as a gospel artist is to see gospel music in Uganda upgraded from the quality of videos, performances and also crossing borders to be nominated on international awards e.g MTV, Billboard, BET,etc. The word says preach the gospel to all corners of the world.

7. What’s the story being your Hit single “Bring Me Down”?

I was really going through a couple of depressions and disappointments, my self esteem was so low for some time, then Bk from TMS wrote this song and presented it to me. It talked to me and i connected with it so i took it on and did it.

8. What’s in store for your fans after the single “Bring Me Down”, any songs dropping soon?

I obviously have new stuff dropping soon just sit back and stay put.

9. How many genres of music do you do?

The obvious one I can do is RnB but when I started doing professional music I realised I liked reggae and dancehall, I also have a passionate for soul music, soon I will do a soul song

10. Are you married, single?

Hahahaha… Married? No, am not. Am so single.

11. One international and one local artiste you would love to do a collabo with?

Internationally, I would love to do a song with Detrick Haddon, Lecrea, Pompi, Papa San, Mary Mary..the list could be endless.

Locally, Levixon, Richy, Holy Kean Amooti and Ruyonga.

12. Gospel music industry in Uganda, what do you appreciate about it and what should improve?

I love the fact that we don’t fight like secular artists, we respect each other and always there for each other, example would be when Exodus’ incident, gospel artists didn’t point fingers but were there to hug a brother just like Jesus did. What should change, I think radio stations play too much of international music then Ug music. When our own music gets more air play we feel appreciated more.

13. Where can one find your music and how to contact you for booking?

One can find my music on Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Youtube. And my facebook pageAlan Kutosmusic. For bookings contact me on my email katongoleallan@gmail.com or my booking number is 0776207806

14. Any words for your fans out there?

My last words to my fans is believe in yourselves through whatever you do. Trust God. Thanx for supporting me and the love that you have showed me, sometimes i get over whelmed, I love you too and please keep supporting gospel music. Peace

You can download his latest single: BRING ME DOWN

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