Faith Munezero’s The Mystery To My Discovery

Why do I get this way, can someone please explain

Why you’re the 1st thing that comes 2 my mind, except when i complain.

I think you’re driving me crazy; the English call it “going insane,”

B’se a day without you is like a year without rain.



You’re like a sweet aroma, i can’t get enough of you.

You’re better than a fantasy, you’re a dream come true.

My very being tingles at the mere thought of you,

Check out Song of Songs 8:6, it speaks my heart- its true.


I remember my prayers, yes, 2 God for a soul mate, i’d cry

I remember how committed i’d be 2 the fasts, hahaha the years sure have flown by.

I may not be Jesus, but sweetheart 4 you I’d die…

B’se when I met you, I knew God had answered me- and that’s no lie.


Every morning you’re the 1st thing in my head,

Every night you’re all i dream about as I lay in my water bed.

You’re like my status update; always on my mind,

James 1:7 says all good things come from God- for sure you’re the best of that kind.


If I were 2 base on your appearance, I’d seem so material

If you were 2 choose the Lamborghini over the Ferrari, it would be understandably logical.

I know we’ve just met but I’m not flirting, this is 4 real

Boy you’ve got my heart, and i mean it- its a big deal.


The way you love the Lord, I really find it cool

The way you get high on the Holy Ghost, is more than the grades Einstein would ever get in school.

You make me want 2 be a better Christian, and 4 Christ be a fool

B’se you’re like the 1.1.Six, so unashamed and i get fired up- like a raging bull.


I’m not perfect, but you come pretty close…

I’m so mesmerised by you, i think I might be on an overdose.

Like WeMix, let us base on the mystery of discovery, and live life together- through the peace and the wars,

Let’s live this Love Out Loud, and be the envy of all… to the world we remain comatose.

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