Female Vocalist Blanca Parts Ways With Group 1 Crew

Lead vocalist Blanca Callahan of Famous Hip hop band Group 1 Crew, recently announced that she’s parting ways with the band to pursue a solo career.

Group 1 Crew that debuted in 2007 have gone ahead to release 4 albums which has visibly led them to be nominated 9 times and winning 5 GMA Dove awards in their musical journey.

Below is a special message from Blanca to the fans:

 “Dear Group 1 Crew Family,

As many of you know, in July of this year, my husband and I welcomed a new member to our family – our baby boy London. I never thought someone so small could affect my life so much, but he has done just that. Our whole world has changed in so many ways. Prior to him arriving, I felt a transition coming in my life. It was as if the Lord had been preparing me not only for the birth of my child, but also for the birth of a brand new season. As I’ve wholeheartedly welcomed my son, I welcome this new season. No matter how scary it all may feel, I’ve never been more excited to trust the Lord with whatever he has in store for my life. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always dreamt of the moment when I’d get to fully share my heart and voice with the world, and I’m humbled that moment has finally arrived. So with that said, this letter is to announce that I will be stepping down from Group 1 Crew.”

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