Jahaziel – HEADS UP Album Review

Xist music rapper, Jahaziel speaks on real issues in life and he passionately shares from his own experiences. The MOBO & Oasis award winning artiste, delivers a hiphop album fused with Reggae/Dancehall sounds with a masterful blend.

He stays true to his calling & His faith in God permeates throughout the album. We present a track by track analysis with the intent to prove this is yet another wholesome album addition to Christian Hip Hop.

01. I Said Yeah (feat. Ram1)(produced by: G.P.)

02. Amen (feat. AStar, D-Maub)(produced by: G-ROC)

03. Famous (feat. Jadee Lamez)(produced by: D-Flow)

04. Go Get Em (feat. S.O, J.R.)(produced by: J.R.)

05. V.O.H (feat. Guvna B, Sean Simmonds)(produced by: D-Flow)

06. They Don’t Know (feat. Maxi Priest)(produced by: D Phantom)

07. Hold On (feat. Dwayne Tryumf, Chordroy)(produced by: Chordroy)

08. My Angel (feat. Sean Simmonds)(produced by: D Phantom)

09. Round and Round (feat. Rebecca Folkes)(produced by: Harry West)

10. Falling Stars (feat. TJ Pompeo & Michelle John)(produced by: G.P.)

11. Better (feat. Donielle Rodwell)(produced by: Anthem)

12. Numbers Game (feat. Christon Gray)(produced by: G-Roc)

13. Forevermore (feat. Sean C. Johnson)(produced by: SoundH Productions)

The album kicks off with “I Said Yeah” a track produced by legendary producer G.P, fused with organs, reggae & a hip hop vibe, the perfect introduction to a heavy album, to set off the album he starts with sharing about his life’s journey and the man he was, who he is and the work that God is doing in his life through his music. Ram1 does it well on the hook. “I said Yeah” a perfect “Heads Up” introduction to the album.

“Amen” is a track that young producer G-Roc laces with a dope beat. A declaration of how great and good God is. It draws the listener to get a feel of who Jahaziel relies on for strength, vision and purpose, an encouragement to the listener to develop the same. Jahaziel’s way of saying “Heads Up. He is joined by Astar & Dmaub.

A low easy attack to the listener, with a more listening appeal, rapper Jadee Lamez is on the hook on “Famous”, Jahaziel opens up his heart on what people describe as famous, his idea of what he thought it was and shares how he is now looking out for the famous one – Jesus Christ. D-Flow does good justice on the production.

“…He told me to go, am going with a goal, To bring hope to their souls and roll them into the fold…” On “Go Get Em” Jahaziel re-affirms the core of his music, the track keeps you bobbing, a highly engaging one, choir samples & a guitar give the track the punch. He features rapper S.O from Lampmode recordings & also continues to show case the sensational production qualities of one of Christian Hip Hop’s top producers, J.R, who also features on the hook with his powerful vocals.

“V.O.H (Vessel Of Honor)” kicks off with Jahaziel being put on spot with one of the most controversial topics in Christian Hip Hop today, “Are you a christian who raps or a christian rapper?” His response is call him whatever but the point will be missed if you don’t see Christ in his music. “Instead of dying for mula, we getting in line with the ruler, sign on the dotted with the time you got, give your life to God and He’ll use ya…” Jahaziel sings. Label mate Sean Simmonds & fellow country man, Guvna B do a great job in taking the message home on a fine beat by D-Flow.

This track which features Jahaziel’s uncle & musical legendary Maxi Priest, “They Don’t Know” seems to come off as that leading track on the album. Jahaziel exploits his reggae attributes on this track as he speaks on a sensitive issue of street crime, Maxi Priest reiterates “They Dont know”, “They Dont Care”. A song calling out for attention to what happens on the streets and how God is the only solution. This track mirrors “In My Neighbourhood” a track off his “Ready To Live” album released back then in 2007.

“Hold On”, A song of encouragement & hope that in Christ there is victory, no matter what the listener might go through, the message is Hold On and keep fighting the good fight of faith. Hip Hop artiste Dwayne Tryumf & reggae artiste Chordroy brace this track with a reggae vibe which delivers a unique touch to this brassy track.

A smooth, relaxing & captivating one, “My Angel” will be that track you are looking for on the album, a love story ballad. Praising the lady he’s in love with, saving the intimacy for the life of marriage.

“…Hurt people, hurt other people…” Jahaziel warns, taking us through his past, the abuse he experienced through his childhood and at the end of it all he leaves the listener with a hope “Despite your weaknesses with Jesus you can win…” A beautiful piece.

“Falling Stars” is that song that speaks of what people are willing to pay for just to get to the top, and the fear of paying an even greater cost at the end of it all. “The higher you get in losing yourself is the harder one will hit the ground” is the message depicted in the song but God is able to catch the Falling Star and the only way to achieve one’s dreams is through seeking God.

Braced with a laid back old school feel, “Better”, is what Jahaziel says on this song, God makes the one who trusts in him better and in Him one can find their true identity, no matter the circumstances He will get the one who trusts in him through it.

On the song “Numbers”, Jahaziel accompanied by Christon Gray, he speaks on every artiste’s dream, to be successful in their musical career, Big sales on iTunes, Blogger reviews, a million hits on YouTube. He knows how easy these things can become a trap, so He looks up to God to keep him focused. 

He winds up the album with “Forevermore” in Christ there is eternal life, and he wants to be remembered as one who lived a life of purpose and he is sure of where he is going, despite the widely spread ideology of the YOLO (You Only Live Once), the truth there is life after this life and the listener ought to be ready for it.

All in all, this album is a complete package of what one would expect from a bonafide artiste. Embodied with messages that are relevant to current issues of life. The lyrical content is engaging and the target audience is large, anyone can listen to this album and take something from it.

Jahaziel offers his best project thus far, filled with songs of encouragement, hope, challenge & grace. The production is on point, vast & rich in quality. The features blend seamlessly, which adds freshness, creativity & life to the project.

This album represents an artiste who has matured, is mastering his craft & still has a lot of music to come out of him.

The album is available on iTunes & Amazon.

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