Meet The Gospel Music Brothers

First up, we present to you the dynamic Ugandan artistes Exodus and Motta. With Reggae/Dancehall and Urban contemporary flowing in their blood, these two are proof of the growth of Ugandan Gospel music to reach out to the young Christian.

Characterized by heavy hitting beats, high energy on stage and great vocals, this is our first musical brothers. Now, with Motta having music on your countdown, Exodus is back with a deadly music video to his hit single “Prophecy.” 


Second, we present to you the kaweesa brothers. One in the person of one of the two people in the duo Kingsley and Phila.


Phila who if not warned by your friends, you might mistake them for Jamaican born and raised. Serious on making Jesus famous through Dancehall/Reggae Phila who has a new song with Straight Eloquent among his many collaborations is set on reaching everyone.


The brother to Phila is Richy Kaweesa. You can’t blame a brother for wondering how both musicians can be born and bred in one house. While Exodus and Motta fall in the same category musically, Richy and Phila are quite different. Richy comfortably switches from Reggae styles to RnB and soul, as well as urban contemporary music with so much ease. Check out what we mean from his “My Words” album which is available at

Finally, here, we bring to you the Hip Hop/Rap stars, S4J and his brother C-Flow. With these we present the popular LugaFlow and Rap generals. Under the group Kunta Music, these two have risen as a force to reckon with. Known for making among others songs, Wampologoma, Warriors ft Richy Kaweesa, Drapped Up, and his brother on the other hand, coming through with “Worth It” and then just recently releasing his “Gitambuze” song which I must confess has very impressive lines on a heavy beat. Download “Gitambuze” here.

Ok. The writer has stopped thinking. Comment here with your Gospel Music brothers or sisters or sister and brothers.

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