My Words, The Debut Album Review For Richy Kaweesa

When you catch yourself forgetting that you are meant to review a single or an album during the first listening, then what you have in your hand is a very rich and authentic material worth holding on to.

This is the feeling I and many of the team in charge of the music review felt, a fresh sound. And that this is from Uganda, just makes it all the more lovely. Richy Kaweesa, or simply Richy a brother to Philla Kaweesa first caught my attention with his song “Missing You,” which featured Navio. 

The quality of his voice and music has been placed with the likes of John Legend. I have already said this many times. This album is arguably one of the best from Uganda, and I mean every word. At this point, I would like to encourage just a lot more Ugandan Artistes to consider the art of carefully crafting an album. It shows maturity and having a clear direction.

Back to the album. In “My Words” you will hear great songs about God, love and life. It is a very holistic approach to his music. From the Album intro, to his “True Love” (which to me is one of the best songs he’s done,) then to a tribute to the woman who mothered him and other songs like the “Ebiro Byaffe” a well written Luganda song, you will be engulfed by the artistry employed. I guess, as I seem to suggest, there is simply too much to write about this project. And, before I spoil the treat for you, I have to force myself to stop. Here is the album track listing. Go search for and buy it. Search till you find “My Words.”

Listen to it here.

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