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Price Kwagala (Love) is a Ugandan Christian worship leader, singer and songwriter of soul gospel music, whose expressed mission is ‘’to use her music to bring about change in mind-set and transformation in the world but especially the Christian music industry’’.

Her musical style thus far is best described as sedate soul with occasional rhythmic and bluesy touches. Although Price herself only plays on a few of her recordings, she leads comfortably with her mellow voice and is regularly backed up by smooth vocalists.

A graduate of the African Institute of Music, Price has her musical roots strongly founded in her family boasting of both musical parents and siblings who shaped her childhood desire to delve into music. Her regular musical involvement further, in Sunday school class as well as local church served as a platform for stage experience, and this passion for music would later open doors for her education. 

Previously unknown on the dynamic Ugandan gospel music scene, Price had her maiden concert dubbed ‘’A September to Remember’’ in 2013 in which she launched her first album Tales. This 10 track album described by many as exceptional, charming and a great listen details Price’s life story and subtly captures her musical journey, hence the title. The success from her maiden project has refined, spurred and transformed her into one of the leading soul gospel artists in Uganda.  

Concerning motivation for what she does, Price interestingly points out that no particular artist motivated her, rather she credits continued fellowship with God and the Bible as being the source of wisdom and strength. She intuits further that her inspiration is derived from the life of re-known anti-apartheid icon the late Nelson Mandela. Matter of fact, she states that the drive to do things different from the status quo is chiefly inspired from the life of the late global icon.

Outside of solo projects, Price has featured in a great number of concerts, shows and events including composing the theme song for the Olive gospel music awards 2011 and 2012, The Love Affair Concert 2013, Alive fest 2013, Listen 2013, Upper Limits 2013, National prayer breakfast 2013, Emiziki concert 2014, The Love Unchanged Concert 2014 (Vessels of Worship) and also featured on works by artists Walter Wa, Gaggamago, Able IV, Elan and Eli among others. Her works are characterised by signature fruity vocals, rich lyrics and general unique style of soul that in a whole render her artistry different. 

The rate at which her young career is growing can only catapult her to greater achievements but guess only time will tell. Her works can be found at and You can also download freely


Price Love – Your day | Download here

price-love-don t-give-up-2

Price Love – Don’t give up | Download here 

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