Review Of TALES Album By Price Love

The gospel music industry blessed with diverse and unlimited talents for the umpteenth time showcases a rising star with equally impressive pedigree. Price Love in her maiden act ushers us into seldom tasted waters of soul music with such exuberant vocals and delicate balance of instrumental accompaniments with subtle panache.

This largely solo project with occasional backup also boasts of dynamic tracks laced with rich gospel lyrics making it appealing for listening from start to end. Price presents the gospel in such a creative and effective manner that makes soul music an integral part of contemporary Christian music and this creates an interesting paradigm in which gospel music is no longer stiff, old fashioned and ‘’churchy.’’ Rather, in the presence of God, we can dance, lift our hands and sing songs that are contemporary, spiritually nourishing and fun. 

The introduction is set with a slow melancholic keyboard tune followed by mild vocals to the track “Rise” helping convey the mood of the text. This tender expression is perfectly balanced both in tone and phrasing, conveying the message on letting go of past fears and moving towards one’s destiny; it also ushers in the next track “Don’t give Up” a rhythmic composition with generous strumming of guitar, a touch of sound effects, smooth backup vocals all in perfect harmony with the soloist who yet again lyrically delivers so effortlessly.

The tempo is similar in the next track “Mystery” which gets groovy with a touch of RnB from the onset and gets better with rap sequence from Price, showing how diverse she can get and still sound great. There is also great work on sound effects that completes the package and delivers dynamite. In the following piece “My name”, the artist does a solo act accompanied by a well plucked guitar and the fusion is lovely. That however, pales in comparison with “God’s calling” which is introduced by melodious tune on keyboard set to a slow tempo that complements the vocals and delivers a powerful heart-warming message, “Come As You Are”, evoking deep feelings of grace and love.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, “Your day” retains the tempo and heart-warming effect but is also charmingly done with back up vocalists and harmonized with guitar and drums. The electric guitar dominates the next selection as the tempo once again is set to a rhythmic soul in “Mama”. This momentum is carried over to “Incredible” with a blend of smooth vocals that stand out in perfect unison.

Generally, this album is strongly soul with occasional R&B shades that give the album a consistent exuberance. It is characterised by gentle and smooth tones accompanied by guitar and piano to a slow beat and the texts exude the message of the album, God’s love. Price owns her acts with such sonorous commanding vocals and can be considered unique as there aren’t many artists that would fit this description. The tempo rises and falls from one track to the next and the sound is very natural with minimal enhancements creating an enlightening and rather stirring soul reaching effect.

Overall, this work is exciting, quick to capture attention and delivering beyond expectations. The songs also flow from one to the next, making it easy to listen to the album all the way through. That said, no two songs on the album are alike. This is the first album released by Price, yet it is comparable to the work of more experienced bands that already have an album or two to their name. It is a definite must have for the seasoned music lover and is a great build up for the highly anticipated concert dubbed ‘A September to remember’ where the audience will experience first-hand the dynamite in “Tales” by Price Love.   

General information



2.Don’t give up 


4.My Name 

5.God’s calling 

6.Your day 



9.Sweet Surrender 

10.In His Image

Overall impressions: A tender expression and excellent composition combining rich vocals, powerful gospel lyrics and mild but expressive instrumentals

Musician background: Fresh talent off the shoot breaking into mainstream with uncommon but fine mastery of gospel soul.

Featuring musicians: Price Love, Angella Okullo, Nelson Muhire

Instruments: keyboard, Acoustic and electric guitars, Drums

Studio: C19 studio

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