Ruyonga – Muhuliire [The Remix Project] (@ruyongamusic @wemixent)

Aggrey Wordxclusive x Lyricz x Javie battled it out in the Hip Hop Remix Battle of Ruyonga’s Muhuliire? Song. The original was produced by The Genre and it sounded totally great, but these guys believed that their versions could sound greater,they presented their remixes, Ruyonga & The Genre, then decided that Aggrey Wordxclusive’s remix was the better. Now here they are, we present them to you and decide for yourself.

Download The Entire Album Here | DOWNLOAD HERE

Or You Can Download The Album Singles Here

Ruyonga – Muhuliire [Produced By Aggrey Wordxclusive] | DOWNLOAD HERE

Ruyonga – Muhuliire [Produced By Lyricz] | DOWNLOAD HERE

Ruyonga – Muhuliire [Produced By Javie] | DOWNLOAD HERE

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