Victory Music Concert With Ruyonga, The Review

Friday August 9th 2013 is a day to remember for all those that made their way to the Victory Music concert at the Legends grounds, Kampala, Uganda. It was a night that showcased music beyond borders and it was evident considering the huge crowd that turned up and how hyped they kept on and on throughout the evening. In case you are still wondering, It was Ruyonga bringing the house down!!! WeMix was in the building and here is the journey…

Before Ruyonga was, there was Kru Kid, the latter being a transition to the former, the vision and purpose of Ruyonga is way different from that of Kru Kid…the difference being that Ruyonga is the Christ transformed artiste, who is not ashamed of his faith in Him (Christ) which is clearly portrayed in most of his music.

Between the concert happening and the introduction of Ruyonga to the masses, there has been a lot of music expressing who he is, his struggles and his passion. With collaborations cutting across the mainstream and Christian fraternities, he has continued to emerge as an artiste with unique skill at what he does, re-affirm who he is and why he is doing this.

He is the evidence of “in the world but not of it”, clearly it looks like his mission is to be the light where he was before, not an alienation from the world. His collaborations musically have had a huge appeal and impact on both the mainstream and Christian fraternities, with him sometimes being looked at as an artiste that’s kind of a unifying factor, a very important observation from the album and the concert with how the urban gospel artistes have shared a stage with mainstream artistes, which Ruyonga has managed to pull of seamlessly.

From the excitement in the long cue at the gate, the event kicked off with Dj performances from Dj Stef* and Dj A war from the Sulphuric Djs camp, who kept the warmth in the revellers; they hyped the crowd and helped set the stage for the evening.

The show was kicked off with opening acts from Benezeri and Essie, performing BLEST, a young hip hop artiste with skill that cannot go unnoticed, Levixone the young energetic RnB, afro beat artiste, S4J along with C-Flow (legendary urban hip hop/lugaflow artiste), dance crew TMS who are arguably becoming a major dance force group and Richy whose unique vocals reverberated in the entire legends grounds, who all did a very good job in hyping the crowd with a few just getting through the performances must be because they were not quite familiar with some of the music.

Then in a split second the band and Dj Twonjex moved onto stage at this point the crowd was ready for Ruyonga, exclaiming Ruuu!! Ruuu!! He was ready for them too and to get onto stage was his next move

His opening act was featured with back up dancers clad in what seemed like “military” or “army” wear which seemed symbolic of what he was speaking through the mic a recitation of sorts, something noticeable was along the lines of “the kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force”, something probably related to the Victory Music album/concert concept? We are not so sure though…


His first performances were hyped with JT who featured here and there and did most of the production on the album as his right hand man. He started taking the crowd through a musical journey and the band did a very good job as well, working in perfect synchrony with the performing artistes and the Dj.

The performance features which were notable from the first half of the show were with MoRoots (Victory Music & Freedom), Richy (Tukutendereza), Maurice Kirya & Enygma (Don’t Wanna Fight), Big Fil (Blood, Fire, Smoke), featuring on songs that reached out to the crowd and continued to bring out what he as Ruyonga has to offer musically to his faithful listeners

In order to explain who Ruyonga is and where he is from, he did a couple of songs from Kru Kid, which to him he felt like those songs had an ingredient of where he was going and the beginning of a new person, at that point you could clearly tell who knew him then as some parts of the crowd were chanting to those songs.

He then started sharing his life story, “I’m not going to defend myself” was a statement he said, clearly there are some criticisms on his radical approach to doing music as some Christians believe that he ought to do things differently, and how much that has hurt him as a person. He shared about his life, before Ruyonga was, his struggles and his redemption in Christ. He encouraged the crowd to trust in Christ. There was an alter call that was made which was one of those moments which re-affirmed what Ruyonga is here for, to preach Christ. It was perceived differently and yet embraced at the same time, one radio / DJ personality, mister deejay from Radiocity 97.0 fm, where Ruyonga officially hosted the album listening session was quoted from his blog saying 

“You know that bit in church when the preacher asks those who want to receive Jesus into their hearts to step forward? We had one of those. At the time I thought it out of place and awkward, but now that I’ve had a chance to reflect on it, I’ve changed my mind. It was exactly right. Ying and yang. That’s Ruyonga.”


The second round of the show had Coopy Bly jump on stage and do some of his songs that put the crowd into another level of high, he performed well and surely didn’t disappoint. 

Ruyonga returned onto stage with an interesting T-shirt with words, “SPREAD IT, G.O.S.P.E.L” with the track listing of his album, surely he is not ashamed of letting the world know of his faith and why he is doing his music…

His closing acts with JT that got the crowd worked were performances featuring RIchy & Coopy Bly (One), Joe from Qwela band & TBro (Eija NkutwareRMX) and Don MC Kapata (Tutuuse). 

All in all, Ruyonga pulled off this concert, with a huge turn up experienced it was an indicator that he is and will be an artiste to look out for. It’s not easy to get in that crowd, and seems like he himself was surprised when he saw all those people that turned up, he kept on exclaiming “This is God, this is not me.”

In conclusion it was a great show, the Power fm crew did a great job in marketing the event and helping with the management, Kinetic Management Group the Ruyonga managers have done a marvellous job in managing the artiste’s presence in the media, Yego Productions for the creativity in the music, with the man JT behind it all, everyone who came out to support Ruyonga and be a part of him in this musical journey and finally to God who has transformed and delivered an artiste who is an inspiration and a challenge to many out there.  

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