WeMix Music Release Party 2013

Yes!!! (With soo much energy and excitement) The WeMix Music Release Party is back!!! This time bigger and better with some new friends and lots to enjoy. 

The best music experience you will get in and around town. 

The drinks are “on” the house. 

The nyama choma will have some animals laying down their lives for you, at sumptuous prices. 

And you know how we do, everyone who comes for the event will get a FREE cd, yes a FREE cd of all that your favorite music!!!

Your artistes will be the icing on the cake and the best DJs in the country will be around, the Sulphuric Deejays, to mash up the place!!

Finally, You, will show the world that You know how to shine your light even when the “Lights” are Off!!

Come expectant and ready to get your shine on!!

All this at a fee of only 10,000UGX

For more details visit the event page here.

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